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About ME

Who: Natalie Hall


Where: You can find me in London.


Photography of choice: Landscape and wildlife photography have always been my main passion which started when I took my first DSLR to Yosemite National Park in the US aged 19.


Camera of choice: Canon EOD 80D; often with my wide angle lens attached for Landscapes. Fujifilm TX-30 for easy carrying around towns and cities.

My loves: Dogs (in particular my cocker spaniel, Agatha), Gin and Tonic, Tea (I am British), Mexican food, the Theatre and the Natural History Museum in London.

My hates: Spiders, slow walkers and people who constantly talk about the weather.

Travel buddies:  I am blessed to have found a wonderful partner (Chris) and two crazy best friends (Harriet and Lucie) who enjoy exploring the world as much as I do. So, each year, I visit somewhere with some great hikes and a focus on the outdoors with Chris and a whole load of culture and thrill seeking with the girls.

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